Herndon Dental Services

Grande Dental Care is a full service Herndon dentist. We offer our patients a one stop shop for a wide range of dental care needs. Dr. Grande is an experienced dentist and under his skillful leadership, we provide complete dental care, from preventive care services such as hygiene visits, cleanings, and cavities, to more complex dental procedures including dental implants, root canal treatments, bone replacement surgery, orthodontics, full mouth reconstruction and laser dentistry.

We have made significant investments in technology—from equipment that reduces the time required to assess your condition such as in-house digital X-Rays to cutting-edge technology that reduces discomfort during dental procedures such as lasers.

We are always available for you. Our office is fully equipped to handle dental emergencies. If you have an emergency, we will accommodate a same day appointment for you. Just let us know how soon can you get here. We offer dental service for patients in Herndon, Reston, Sterling and surrounding areas.

Our Dental Services Include:

Dental Implants

If you are looking for permanent tooth replacement, implants are a modern alternative to dentures that we highly recommend. Due to their superior fit, they are significantly more comfortable over dentures. Dr. Grande has extensively trained and is experienced in performing even the most complex dental implant surgeries.


Herndon cosmetic dentistryA permanent alternative to dentures, bridges can help fill a gap in your smile and create a unified appearance, as well as help hold the form and structure of your face and jaw. At Grande Dental we go over all the options with you so you are fully informed on if a bridge is the best option to restore your smile.


herndon virginia denturesDentures do offer advantages, such as being able replace a full arch and be removed if you so desire. Advances have been made with the materials used for dentures and how they are created.

Full Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning Herndon VADon’t overlook the importance of a regular professional teeth cleaning. Not just for making your teeth “look better” — a professional teeth cleaning can also predict, prevent, and handle certain oral health risks such as gum disease or embarrassing issues like halitosis (chronic bad breath).

Complete Dental Exam

Herndon area dental examThe ADA (American Dental Association) recommends dental visits every six months. One vital reason is to receive a dental exam. This inspection of your oral health can help determine if you have any potential trouble spots such as decay, cavities, gum disease, grinding or bite issues or previous treatments like fillings that are wearing out.


Invisalign dentist Herndon VAWhile traditional braces work, they may not be a practical option for many people – especially for working adults. Invisalign® offers you an alternative to traditional braces. It is a series of clear plastic aligners that gently reposition teeth over time. While practically invisible, these removable braces alternatives are highly effective. Dr. Grande is one of the most experienced doctors offering this service.

Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease treatment near HerndonPeriodontal (gum) disease is a leading cause of tooth loss and has been linked to other chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. More than 75% of Americans suffer from gum disease and many don’t even know it. We provide periodontal (gum) therapy for patients who need the extra care to achieve and maintain healthy gums and clean teeth.

Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dental care in Herndon VAIf you are ever faced with a dental emergency, you can call us right away and we will do all we can to treat you immediately. Whether it be debilitating tooth pain, a sudden injury to your mouth or any other high-level of concern issue, please call our Herndon office at (703) 471-7164.

Dental Night Guard

Dental night guardGrinding or clenching teeth at night can not only disrupt your (and others’) sleep, but can cause significant damage to your teeth or previous dental work. Luckily there are treatment options, including the dental night guard. This nighttime device can help put an end to teeth grinding and help restore restful nights and healthy teeth.

Jaw – TMJ

jaw pain treatment herndon vaTemporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) can be the focal point to address when dealing with jaw injury, grinding, stress or arthritis which in turn is causing overworked muscles and soreness and pain. The issue can be treated and a normal functioning jaw restored and relief experienced.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screening Herndon VirginiaThousands each year in the U.S. are diagnosed with oral cancer. But well before this disease takes hold you can do something effective about it. Inquire about a oral cancer screening the next time you are in our dental offices and we can make an appointment for this important diagnostic and preventative step.

Root Canals

Root canal dentist HerndonDespite often heard myths, a root canal is a common, comfortable procedure that can stop real tooth pain in its tracks. If untreated, a infected tooth can lead to severe pain, swelling or even bone loss in the jaw. Don’t let it! Contact our office if you are experiencing tooth pain or other possible symptoms.

Smoking Cessation

Stop smoking Herndon VAIf you would like help in quitting smoking, or you have recently quit and would like to know what can be done to restore the appearance of your teeth and smile, contact us for our smoking solutions including ways to quit and restorative treatments such as whitening agents or veneers.

Take Home Teeth Whitening

Take home teeth whitening Herndon dentistWe offer a high-quality take-home overnight whitening system that whitens teeth whiter and lasts longer than over-the-counter whitening products available in Herndon. Our kit works best on healthy and clean teeth; so ask us about the whitening system after your regularly scheduled cleaning and exam. You’ll be glad you did!

Sports Mouth Guards

Sports mouth guardsReduce the risk of teeth damage with our customized mouth guards. Whether you or your child are playing organized sports, or just engaging in a weekend game, accidents can happen anytime during fast-paced athletic events. As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Teeth Extractions

tooth extractionsDespite the best efforts of our patients, sometimes a tooth is too damaged or a risk to the surrounding teeth or jaw and it would best be extracted. If so, we offer pain-free and comfortable teeth extraction treatments, as well as post-extraction solutions such as implants or other cosmetic dentistry items to help restore your smile.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal Herndon dentistWhile not everyone has issues with wisdom teeth, sometimes these late-arriving teeth come into an already-full mouth and create significant issues—crowding into other teeth, creating pain or discomfort and potential issues down the road if left untreated.

Six Month Braces

six-months-smile-herndon-vaDesigned with adults (16 and over) in mind, this revolutionary cosmetic treatment that uses aesthetic braces and tooth colored wire, which are nearly invisible from a talking distance, delivers outstanding results in less than 9 months. We offer this service in Herndon. “How would you feel if I told you could get your teeth straight by the time you come back for your next cleaning” that is Dr. Grande’s promise.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

full mouth rehabilitationSometimes, it makes more sense to treat the mouth as a whole to get your oral health back on track. Full mouth rehabilitations are complex and usually need more than one specialist dentist. Such procedures require fully equipped and staffed establishments, rarely found in Herndon. Dr. Grande has the skills and the experience to provide you with comprehensive full mouth rehabilitation treatment.

Porcelain Veneers

Lumineers Herndon VAVeneers are extremely thin shells of porcelain that replace the actual surface of your teeth. This helps replace worn-out, chipped, or cracked teeth to give you a rejuvenated smile. With advances in modern dentistry, you can pick the exact color, shape, and size of your teeth. By matching the veneer to your existing teeth, you can truly get that perfect smile you deserve.

Snap On Smiles

Snap On Smile Herndon VAWant a Hollywood smile, but can’t afford porcelain veneers? Don’t worry we have a great new option, SNAP ON SMILES, the ultimate removable veneer. This is a brand new product, that just look very much like porcelain veneers, but at a fraction of the cost! You do not have to leave Herndon for this amazing product. This is a cured resin material that snaps on right onto your existing teeth. Your smile will look great in just two visits.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring sleep apnea Herndon VASnoring and sleep apnea have links to several serious health complications, such as high blood pressure, fatigue and higher risk of heart attack and stroke. Dr. Grande has received proper training for identifying, diagnosing and treating this life threatening condition. If you know or suspect that you or your spouse has a Snoring or Sleep Apnea problem, we can provide you with the best non-invasive treatment available.

Laser Dentistry

picasso dental laserAs soft tissue lasers do not damage the tissue, wounds heal faster after surgery and may not require sutures. We use the Picasso® Diode Soft Tissue Dental Laser. It is an extremely versatile state-of-the-art soft tissue laser with advanced dental capabilities. We use the laser for a wide range of periodontal, cosmetic, surgical, and whitening procedures.