Complete Dental Exam

Herndon area dental examIt has long been known that the American Dental Association recommends that individuals visit their dentist at least twice a year.

At Grande Dental Care, we know that these regular visits are important as your oral health is dependent on discovering any developing dental problem that may become serious with time. Therefore, receiving a complete dental exam is a necessity. Preventative care is the best care.

What do we check for?

There are a number of key observations we check for your oral health.

These are:

  • Development of dental decay and cavities
  • Presence of periodontal or gum disease
  • Evidence of teeth grinding or bite problems
  • Any worn-out dental work or fillings
  • Screening for oral cancer

We use a number of techniques and special equipment for our exams such as complete digital x-rays, specialized cancer screening, and a full visual inspection including tooth-specific examinations.

Your dental health is important to us.   Call us if you are looking for a Herndon dentist at (703) 471-7164 to book an appointment or use our online form.