Dental Implants

dental implantDental implants are the modern way to deal with missing teeth and Grande Dental Care is an experienced Herndon dentist that provides this service. These metal posts are inserted in the jaw bone and create a solid foundation to hold one tooth or many. They can be used to anchor a whole set of dentures or replace as many individual teeth as necessary.

Using traditional methods such as a tooth-supported bridge to replace a missing tooth, the dentist has to cut or grind down adjacent teeth into peg shapes so the bridge can fit over them and be cemented into place. This process destroys enamel and tooth structure, and frequently after a few years these teeth develop decay and are subject to bone loss. They may even come to need root canal treatment. So this is far from an ideal solution and leads to future expensive dental problems.

With a dental implant, this is avoided. The neighboring teeth are preserved and the great thing is that, once they are in place, the implant(s) feel entirely natural and mimic how actual teeth work. They become a comfortable, high technology replacement that you can’t tell from your own native teeth.

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We use the latest cutting edge dental technology such as 360dps dental imaging software and surgical guides to ensure your implants are done quickly and precisely but with safety in mind. The result is a treatment that provides the highest levels of safety while producing very aesthetic results.

Dental implant surgical guideOnce we have all the dental implants 3D planning, this information will be transferred to a surgical guide. Complete information about the quality and quantity of the bone makes it possible for us to determine the ideal location for implants. The time taken for the entire surgical procedure is drastically reduced. As well, we minimize any future complications that might arise out of an implant surgery since we have a thorough knowledge of the patient’s anatomy. The ultimate goal is to deliver aesthetic results, predictability and safety and reduction of implant surgery time.

The reasons dental implants are superior

  • all your adjacent teeth can be kept, not removed
  • your bone structure is preserved
  • the implant looks and feels like a real tooth and remains for a lifetime
  • it will never get an infection like a natural tooth may
  • cleaning is easy and hygenic

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