Dental Night Guard

Dental night guardSometimes individuals experience chronic headaches and migraines because they clench their teeth at night. As an experienced dentist in Herndon, Grande Dental Care can help you with solutions to this problem.

The solution to this problem is a dental night guard which is a thin, transparent plastic covering which is worn over the surface of your teeth during sleep.  The device prevents your upper and lower teeth from contacting.

The process of making such a night guard at Grande Dental Care is simple.  We first take impressions of your upper and lower teeth.  Using these, we then create the plastic covering which is then fitted.  Once done, it is a comfortable, almost invisible device which will prevent unwanted conditions due to teeth grinding at night.

To find out more if a dental night guard is right for you, make an appointment today with Grande Dental Care by calling (703) 471-7164 or using our online form.