Full Mouth Rehabilitation

full mouth rehabilitationFull mouth rehabilitation is sometimes a necessity.  It means a comprehensive treatment to your entire mouth to correct many dental problems at once and to restore your teeth and smile to as near optimum as possible.

Sometimes if you haven’t looked after your teeth and gums as well as you might have done or if you have suffered a facial injury, full mouth rehabilitation is an option.  By the inventive use of dental implants, bridges, veneers and other dental therapies, a full makeover of your teeth and mouth can be done.  It can take several visits but the result is brilliant!


  • vastly improved health and quality of teeth and gums which will function better than before
  • crooked, broken or discolored teeth fully repaired
  •  improved smile which will boost confidence and self-esteem

While such procedures are complex and usually need more than one specialist dentist, Dr. Grande and his staff have all the skills and the experience necessary to provide you with a full mouth rehabilitation.

To find out more about a full mouth rehabilitation, make an appointment today with Grande Dental Care by calling (703) 471-7164 or using our online form.