Laser Dentistry

picasso dental laser

The state-of-the-art in dental care today is use of  a laser such as our Picasso® Diode Soft Tissue Dental Laser.

Lasers work by focusing light into a strong, powerful energy beam which then can cut surfaces. In surgical and dental procedures, the laser is used to cut or vaporize tissue that it comes in contact with.  It can also be used for other purposes such as curing a bond to strengthen dental adhesives in fillings or used in teeth-whitening to enhance tooth whitening materials. Dr. Grande is a Herndon dentist that uses the latest technology to help improve comfort and recovery time for his patients.

When used in dental surgery, lasers do not damage tissue so incisions heal faster after surgery and may not require sutures.

The advantages of a dental laser

Compared to the traditional dental drill, lasers can:

  • reduce the need for anesthesia because of reduced pain
  • reduce anxiety in patients who are uncomfortable with the dental drill
  • reduce bleeding and swelling during soft tissue treatments
  • preserve more of a healthy tooth during cavity removal.

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